About Kim

I suppose my story starts as many artist’s stories do: I was that awkward introverted child with a complex, vivid inner world that needed more attention than the outer world from time to time. My childhood included hours of drawing, writing stories, being outside with my trusty dog Pooch, thinking about how the world works and continues on and on. This has alway been me and as I grew into an adult I wanted to help other people recognize and learn from their own inner world. I became an art therapist through an incredible program at Naropa University. It was there that I learned to meditate, to listen, to be curious, and to open my heart to help others. I practiced as an art therapist and play therapist, and the lessons I learned in those years I hold close to my heart. 

Once my husband and I started a family, we felt the midwest calling us back and we returned to Ohio. Shortly after we moved I decided to commit my time to raising our children and making art.

My studio practice began so small and humble, at first just an inner voice whispering, then proclaiming: “I need to paint!”. I was busy raising young children, but found ways to get in time to paint. Five minutes here, an hour there, and a deep well of persistence helped me to build a practice that eventually became my profession. I believe so strongly in the value of working on your dream, even if it is five minutes at a time, I wrote an article about it. Check it out here.