Artist’s Statement

My work shines a light on the minute— yet necessary— pieces that create life and experience. How each day, one at a time, adds up to a lifetime. How individual cells, when working together allow a body to function creating the opportunity for consciousness.  How the repetitive flow of water, or wind, or animals create the natural landscape of our planet. This background of life is constantly moving, changing and regenerating in order for growth and consciousness to continue. I am amazed time and time again at the ability of many small parts working together to make something significant. I use a simple cellular form to represent these small parts in my paintings. These forms flow like currents, intersect and move together to contribute to something larger than themselves.

My most recent work is focused on time. More specifically, using the cellular form as a measurement of time. I count each cellular shape I paint, one cell for one day, until the painting is a visual record of years. In this way, my paintings become a meditation on the accumulation of time. You can see my most recent painting in this series here