Artist’s Statement

I enjoy giving attention to the many parts that make a whole, specifically the way in which cells provide life for all living things and therefore allow for consciousness to occur. I do this by drawing inspiration from cellular forms. These forms flow, oscillate and intersect in my paintings. At times obsessively painted and at other times concealed or muted, the cellular form drives my paintings and allows me to explore themes through this most basic representation.

I begin all of my paintings with a simple palette, layering brushstrokes and allowing forms to emerge.  I use an art therapy tool called witness writing throughout the painting process. Through writing, I allow my own associations, metaphors and projections to help guide the direction of my work. I often use resin to create physical space between the layers of paint, and when viewed from the side, there is a visual record of the process. in this way, the path may not be completely seen, but is not forgotten.